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This sighting was on June 1, 2013 over Miami, FL. Our organization, The Celestial Federation of Yahweh (CFY), was conducting our annual motorcade, The Caravan of Love 2, throughout The City of Miami, FL. We were escorted by four officers on Motorcycles from The Sweet Water Police Department. We stopped traffic for over 3 hours in the city.
This photograph was taken by one of our members on her cell phone camera. Anyone that has studied the topic of UFO's will be able to verify that these pictures are authentic. We were on Interstate 95 when this photo was taken. Enjoy. Visit the facebook page ybyby holyghost and for more pictures of our Caravan of Love 2.
Daniel Yahweh
Spanish Ambassador of The CFY
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Starts: June 01st, 2013 1:11 AM
Ends: June 01st, 2013 1:11 AM
Interstate 95
Miami, Florida
United States
Where did this happen?Highway
CountryUnited States
StreetInterstate 95
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