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June 11, 2013
I went to bed early and woke up at 11:03 PM due to an intense feeling of arousal. I awoke because of these feelings and wondered why I had them because the dreams I was having didn’t coincide with them. They wouldn’t subside. I thought this was highly unusual so I decided to get up and take a look around to see if I could find anything that may be causing this. I didn’t see anything in the house, but my instincts told me to look out the back door. (I live in a national forest & my backyard is the forest.) I saw nothing to my left nor in front of me but there, there to the right, there it was. I couldn’t believe it. Nearly 150’ away and 20’ off the ground was an orange orb. I thought that since I saw it and made a noise opening the sliding glass door and its accompanying screen door it would disappear, but it didn’t. I still had those feelings and I was becoming aggravated. Never had I experienced a duration of this sensation that wasn’t prompted by what is considered usual/normal. The orb looked like it was about 3 feet wide at the distance I was viewing it. I kept looking at it trying to observe if there were any changes in it or if I could seen anything around it even a plausible shadow. If I had to speculate on a speculation it would seem that the orb provoked a situation that produced energy and by its reaction it seemed to collect the energy.

The things I noticed about the orb were that it had a hard edge to it. By that I mean that it had no haze surrounding it. The light didn’t extend beyond it’s perimeter. It was enveloped in the forest’s blackness. I saw a couple of very interesting things about this orb that really struck me. The first was that: If you would imagine yourself putting your finger in the center and drew a craggy line from that point to the outer edge then another from the same starting point to the orbs edge separated by about 10 degrees that section was brighter than the sections that weren’t in the craggy areas. This one was at the 2:00 o’clock position. There was another of these with lesser degrees at the 7:00 o’clock position. When viewing the orb I saw no change in it and I wondered why it was there and I wondered why it enabled me to view it for so long. Since it was there I thought “ok, let’s play”. I looked at it and tried to direct intense energy toward it. It flared up with the craggy sections lighting up even more brightly than the rest of the orb. I repeated this several times and the orb duplicated its action each time. I wondered if I was going to make it angry or curious. I didn’t want to make it come closer. I ran into the other room where I had my night vision stored. I looked through it and saw nothing yet, when I put the night vision down, I saw the orb. I repeated this several times all with the same result. I found out that this was because night vision sees low energy and the orb was high energy. I was growing tired and ceased trying to send energy to it. I was delighted when my feelings of arousal had ended. The second interesting thing was that the very instant my physical feelings ended the orb immediately turned white. It flickered white like a like a short circuit would act. Each time that it flickered more of it seemed to be gone until finally only part of its rim showed then it completely flicked out. I slipped off to bed. On succeeding nights I looked out and didn’t see it at the times I went out. I took a metal detector out on the 14th. The detector didn’t pick up anything and I didn’t see anything on the ground or surrounding plants unless I missed something, but I did notice that the air was electrified. The hair on my arms reacted.

June 27, 2013
At 2:03 AM I awoke to a calling out of something I never heard before. Again, I live in the woods and I’m familiar with the sounds of the forest. These calls were broadcast at regular spaced intervals and had a faint human quality to it. I woke my husband and asked if he heard anything. He said he never heard anything like it and that it sounded really, really scary. We stayed in place and continued to listen for a while for further calls. The onset of each call was preceded with a strong heavy rasp. The last of its calls was followed by coyotes that seemed to surround the caller. Every now and then we have a call from a coyote or two but nothing like this. They ceased shortly after.

July 10, 2013
I woke up to intermittent regularly intervaled whistles at 2:18 AM. The interesting thing about these short blast whistles was that they were as strong from the onset as at their termination. People build up their whistle as the air being propelled from our lungs builds making the whistle louder then it diminishes in volume upon expelling the last of the oxygen taken in. These whistles weren’t that way at all. I lay in bed hearing three more. I got up to get my parabolic dish. I tried not to make any noise, but on a hardwood floor that is almost impossible. The whistles stopped immediately. After the whistling stopped I only heard 1 or 2 coyote calls followed by one dog bark. I don’t ever recall hearing a dog bark just once.

July 11, 2013
After the most recent activity early, around noon, I thought I would take a little walk around the property. On the side of the house, the same side where the orb was seen and the sounds heard I found a footprint that was 14.5 inches long and 6.5 inches wide. It was a barefoot left print. I am a pretty heavy person and under the same moisture conditions I can’t leave a print that is more than .25 inches deep. The deep spots of this print were the heel and the ball areas of the print were near 2.5 inches deep. The grade the print was on was about 35 degrees and there were no claw marks. The area was pretty dark, but the print was fresh. I put my fingers into the print and felt the toes and felt deeper impressions in the track where they should be making someone faking the print really too difficult. I saw no slippage with the footprint. Enclosed you will see an enhanced photo. It has been enhanced because the area was too dark to get an otherwise good view of it.

July 12, 2013
Not long ago I took a mini vacation with my husband to Mt. Lassen, CA where we saw sulfur being expectorated from the mountain side. I walked out into the backyard patio around 5:00 PM. The smell of sulfur was so strong that I couldn’t take a breath in and had to go inside. My husband asked that I close all of the windows. I lit a match in the house and its odor was identical to what was outside. Hours later the odor seemed to be in front of the house now. I went to bed at around 10:00 PM and the scent remained. I never got up again to see when it dissipated.

Update – March 3, 2014 (Response of Witness to Questions Regarding “Footprint:” I only saw one footprint, but there is plenty of foliage around. The soil is pretty unusual. You can walk & not leave a print then again there are times and conditions that you can if it is moist. It is like walking in flour & the strong winds blow everything away. The footprint stepped out of a dry area into an area that had been watered. I went where I saw the orb and a creature couldn’t leave a footprint if it tried. There was too much brush on the ground & I couldn’t even see my own. I have never seen this print before. I asked my contractor & he said his foot was about that long, but he in no way could match the width. I asked my Bigfoot friend &, because of the shape he figured it was a juvenile’s. We live in a fairly remote area. We are nearly 2 miles off the main road then it’s onto dirt roads. We are about 350 feet off of the main dirt road. If we have 6 cars pass by here per day that would be big doings. We moved here about 6 years ago. The first season I was here by myself. I was pretty scared. I didn’t have security lights at the time. Something bipedal and intensely heavy was walking on the patio. It pounded on the back glass door. I swear nothing could pound a concrete patio like that. I looked outside through the glass door, but I couldn’t see anything. It happened a couple of other times in that same season. From then on I have heard wood knocking around since June. There was heavy snow on the ground, but there is none this year for the first time. I would hear about two knocks and that was it. I wrote you about that orange-ish light in the sky that got bigger then smaller, bigger again, then smaller. I asked you not to report this because I just wasn’t that sure. If you still have that check to see if it was around the same time as the other Klamath stuff.

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