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I will fill you in on a part of my life that everyone laughs at me about till this day, I was living down at Bracken Ridge when this happen to me, I know what happen, because i was awake no different than i am now, it has never happen to me again and i would never wish it to happen to me or anyone.

Now what i will point out that happened on this night back Sept/Oct 1991 has haunted me ever since.

I went to bed that night as far as i can remember it was during the middle of the week, the night seamed no different than any other night, a warm and clear night. After being asleep for a number of hours, I remember feeling a strange presence was in the bedroom with both myself and my partner.

I could feel that there was something that just wasn't right, as i turned and rolled from my side to my back i opened my eyes and could see 3 very skinny extraterrestrials standing right beside my bed, I gasped from the shock and realised at the same time i had become paralized in my bed, i fought to turn my head to scream at my partner as i could see her laying beside me fast asleep. this lasted about 2 mintues of sheer panic of these aliens in my bedroom. I couldn;t believe the harder i screamed the more nothing come out. The only thing i could move was my eye balls.

I looked back at these 3 aliens in sheer terror, and they could see i was in a very bad way, in no way did i hear them communicate with me, tell me or ease me of what they where up to. This is were it all starts to get crazy. I lay on the bed paralyzed, these 3 aliens standing beside me looking to the wall at the head of my bed.

A dull yellow light from their ship comes penatrating through the wall above my head and made it vanish,  No this is not a dream, I'm screaming and trying to move, as i start to float into the air. There is in no way i have ever had a dream like this in my life. They follow me through the wall that was once made of bricks but now is just a dull yellow beam of light, with the bricks still there around the edges where the light wasn't touching. Its hard to explain cause there was so much going on and i was screaming.

I do not remember entering the ship(craft) ufo, But i awoke, on a surgeons table, no padding , cold and from what i could see looked like stainless steel. i was still in this paralized state, as i watch all their operating equipment came across my head and glided down my body, I knew they where not here for a game of cards, and i was still fighting and screaming, as i lay there i could feel my tears of fighting these bastards running down my cheeks.

This over head tools, gantry style thing had what i would call a lazor cutter which was one of many tools on it , it was white with a cord coming out of the back of it, and had a dull red tip inside the pen. The alien took a look up at my face as he placed his hand on my leg and began to cut into my leg just above my knee. I remember no pain, just a warm feeling around my knee, as i glaced down i seen the machine pull my muscule apart and remove a slither of meat of my bone about 50mm long by about 2-3mm thick.

He than let the pen retrack back into the gantry and began with another tool, as i lay there shaking in terror i was fighting to get my head in a position to see what he was doing. He seemed to be the only one in the room and he was much taller and uglier than the others. The back of his head was tall like an octopus head. i managed tosee him grab  a blue lazor tool very similar to the other but it gave a cold feeling as it fuse the skin back together with out a scar. As if nothing ever happen. I must of pasted out at this point becuase that was all i remembered of him or the craft.

The alarm went off and i got out of bed and nealy fell over, at first i was trying to work out what was wrong with my leg. Before little bits and pieces started coming back to me, I asked my partner that night if she heard or seen anything the night before. She didn't, At this point i had not pointed out what had happen.

Days went by and by now i had recalled alot of the event that had taken place that night, i walked with a limp for nealy 3 weeks. When i informed everyone of what had happen, they all laughed, I was so pissed off. I know it sounds way out there, but as far as i was concerned and to this very day, i hate what these things done to me, i felt like i was in HELL.  They stole a piece of me.

I still get a reminded of the night with the pain every now and than.

I have studied sleep paralysis, but i think i know when i'm wide awake and screaming in terror at what was happening to me. Especially to deal with the pain of the event for weeks later just confirmed to me it was real.

Also reseach abdutions but never found anyone having dealt with the same things until recently.



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  •  grasshopper: 
    Lightpix, I have seen this light many times but when we go into the light I only have memory of them either holding onto my arms or me holding onto theirs. I also have many menories of events involving the beings but none as physically horrible as this. I have been told they are scientists.
     342 days ago 
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Starts: August 18th, 2013 7:58 PM
Ends: August 18th, 2013 7:58 PM
In my bedroom
Bracken Ridge, Queensland
Where did this happen?In my bedroom
CityBracken Ridge
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