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I took this photo in Ashland, OR, 9/9/07 at 7:06am. The sun is just rising and I am photographing to the west. At first I just saw the plane and its small contrail in the sky, then quickly noticed a very bright, white light moving in the same direction, lower than the plane, and I got the impression that it was well between the plane and myself. Both the plane and the sphere of light appeared to be moving north to south. I keep my camera on my hip and still tracking the object I got it out and took this picture. The picture quality likely won't show well on your site (though please feel free!) but having been a VISUAL sighting with photo I figured I should report this.


So, I took the photo, looked to see that it had come out properly (I've mis-clicked plenty of pix!), then lifted the camera to frame up for another shot, but the light was gone!


There were no other planes, birds, balloons, or anything but the first plane I saw in the sky. The object had simply disappeared.


What was most impressive about the object was the intensity and pure whiteness of the light it gave off. It seemed to be even brighter than the just rising sun could account for, with no hint of orange. If it was not giving off its own light it would have to have been incredibly reflective, and if incredibly reflective it simply could not have disappeared from my sight in the time that passed. Unfortunately the photo does not show this well, but it was very bright to the eye.


And as sort of a piggy-back report, because I cannot say the two events are related other than happening on the same day, but after dark I was out back of my house with some binoculars tracking satellites for fun. I had a bead on two that were traveling in exactly the same orbit, one right behind the other. I thought that a bit odd, but I suppose there are paired satellites up there. But then I noticed another object in my frame of vision moving S-N (satellites were moving roughly to the NE) so I started tracking it.


What a light show I got! I am aware of Iridium satellite flares and what they look like, having used to track and see them. They pulse up once and are done. The object I watched from my noon to the northern horizon (which I am guessing took about 45 seconds) alternately pulsed and flashed the entire time I watched. The intensity, frequency, and duration of the flashes varied dramatically and completely randomly. They varied from a long slow brightening and fading, similar to Iridium satellites, to a single, extremely bright and quick flash, with lots of variations in between and no repeating patterns whatsoever. The object was absolutely not a plane, satellite, or any aerial phenomena I have ever seen or even heard described.


As I said, I can't associate the events other than occurring on the same day, but likewise I'm definitely not going to DISASSOCIATE them! So here they are reported together.


Thank you again and keep on keepin' on, B J!


Love, Blessings, and Abundance,


Frank W. Dunlap Shaman/Chef Talent, OR


Special thanks to UFO Casebook

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Talent, Oregon
United States
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