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Date/Time of event:  Not sure of year. Could be late 60s or early 70s. I always remembered it as being in the mid-to-late 1960s, when we had a big UFO flap in the tri-state area. My Mother remembered it as being in the early 1970s.

Time: I believe it was dusk, or perhaps after sunset.

Location (city, state, country): Shenango Township and New Castle, Lawrence County, PA, USA

Detailed description: My sister and I were in the back seat of the family car, with my parents in the front. My Dad was driving. My sister and I spotted what looked like a lighted disk up in the sky. My mother, not looking very hard I believe, kept insisting it was a plane. The craft, traveling at the speed and direction of our car, came down low enough for all of us to see it clearly. My mother admitted: "That's not a plane!".

It was disk-shaped, not flat on top. I don't recall if it was a dome, but in my mind I remember
a raised, round center part on top of the disk, with a flat top.

Around the outermost rim were colored flashing lights. They may have been flashing quickly in succession, but the effect was that it seemed to be spinning, which we thought at that time. The colors included blue, white, red, and possibly yellow and green, but I remember the blue and white mostly.

I don't know how high it was in the air, but I don't think it would have been much higher than
a couple of tree-heights up, because we saw it very close-up and very clearly.

It came down near our car, and came along, parallel to and slightly above our car, as we travelled west on US 422. When we got to our destination about 3 miles from our house (the grocery store), my dad turned left into the parking lot, then left again, then took another left into a parking spot. The craft made every turn that we did, at right angles. As soon as we were stopped (I don't remember if we were out of the car yet), it took off, almost directly vertical but at a very slight angle, and shot up and away, very quickly, out of sight.

Submitted anonymously to The Black Vault. 

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The Black Vault Owner/Operator
Starts: December 31st, 1969 5:00 PM
Ends: December 31st, 1969 5:00 PM
Lawrence County
Shenango Township and New Castle, Pennsylvania
United States
Where did this happen? Lawrence County
CountryUnited States
CityShenango Township and New Castle
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