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07/22/13 - APPROX. 10:47 PM PST - NOVATO, CA


I was so excited about my recent sightings on the 14th and 21st that I told my friends while we were hanging out at Vintage Oaks Shopping Center. They couldnt believe it, so I showed them the videos. They then were excited and wanted to go hunting for UFOs later that night. I mentioned that seeing a UFO once in your life is rare, and that twice in a week is beyond normal. But I wasnt opposed, so I just assured them not to get their hopes up and that it would be fun to see one.


Later that night I grabbed my camera and we hiked up Miwok Hill in Novato. It is my favorite place to hangout. It has a bench at the top of the hill and you can see almost all of Novato from this one spot.


We sat down on the bench and watched the skies for quite a while. At one point my friend said that he heard something coming towards us. I was recording some test shots right before, so i redirected my attention to directly in front of us. Then we saw a flashlight. It was just people. I stopped recording and realized that it was my old friends from middle school. I hadnt seen them since I was about 13. I am 21 now. As we were talking I realized that there was a bright orange light hovering nearby. I started to record it, my friend asked what I was doing so I told him I was filming for a movie so I wouldnt be embarrassed about what I was really doing. I really didnt want them to know I was investigating UFOs so I tried to play it off as I recorded the object. At this moment I thought it was the same craft from the 14th and mentioned it to my friends who were watching intently. Then I sparked up a conversation about a friend of mine from middle school that I saw earlier that day when we were hanging out at the shopping center. As we were talking, one of my friends mentioned that "It was happening". I replied that I too thought it was happening. We laughed in excitement. He told me to try to focus to see if it was dropping anything. I was trying my best at this point to not shake the camera and get a clear image. I couldnt believe it was actually happening again! What are the chances!!! It soon after flew behind some clouds.


After the sighting, a helicopter flew through the area.


The area of the sky where we observed the craft was very clear. There was no wind at the time of the sighting. Very calm weather.


There were 5 witnesses. 2 of them didnt know exactly what tey were witnessing. The other 2 were my friends who came to hunt for the UFO. And then myself makes 5.


Upon analyzing the footage, the craft can be seen dropping objects multiple times throughout the video! The most notable are at 01:30 and 01:40 in the clip.


Attached is the original video, the enhanced version of the video, and a map of the flight path.

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Miwok Hill
Miwok Hill
Novato, California
United States
Where did this happen?Miwok Hill
CountryUnited States
StreetMiwok Hill
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