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I was driving north on Turnersburg Hwy (aka Hwy 21) coming back from McDonalds with my dog.


Traffic suddenly just came to a crawl. My windows were rolled down for my dog, and there hadn’t been any tell-tale signs of a crash. We were going and then all of a sudden, a parade of brake lights.


We came to a crawl in front of Fort Dobbs Hardware. I started looking around to see why everyone was stopped, and then being frustrated, was just staring out my windshield when I saw it.


There were two very large golden balls/spheres about 1/2 mile in the distance in the sky. Upon proceeding closer, the craft was about 30-40 feet above the field between the Captains Galley and an abandoned old building.


I figured maybe someone had put up a radio tower and I hadn't paid it any attention due to being busy.


The object consisted of two very large golden balls / spheres in the sky. They just hovered for four minutes. Then the balls started to spin rapidly in a circular shape and then it was just GONE.


I was initially rather frustrated at first believing that there had been an accident or some problem with traffic. However, when I looked into the sky, I just felt peaceful. I wasn't scared, just peaceful.


My dog had stopped whining as soon as the traffic stopped. I thought that was kind of odd, but after it was over I know why now. Really everything became silent; everything.


There was no sound at all from the UFO or anything around us.


I lost sight of the object when my car was around 60 feet from it. The balls started to rapidly spin and it took off headed NE towards the East Iredell section of the county.


The balls started off spinning slowly, but then they rapidly became faster and faster till it was just a spinning, gold blur and then they shot off in a NE direction.


I want my report to be done anonymously. I would however like to know if anyone else reports a sighting similar to this.


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