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The 'alien jellyfish' WAS a hoax! Glowing creature in Bristol harbour turns out to be publicity stunt for a TV programme

Video footage of a glowing squid-like creature swimming in a harbour, might have baffled experts, but the mysterious animal has now been declared a hoax.

Stunned eyewitnesses had filmed the strange, luminescent, tentacled creature, which was flashing a variety of colours floating close to the top of the water in Bristol.

But it has now been revealed that the paranormal animal was part of an elaborate marketing stunt to promote a new TV programme.

Sightings of the creature by the public puzzled marine biologists.

Dr Steve Simpson, from the School of Biological Sciences at Bristol University, said: ‘It's very intriguing - I don't really know what to make of it.’

The guerrilla campaign was created to launch a new show called ‘The Happenings’ on Watch, which features the magicians ‘Barry and Stewart’ and is made by the producers of Derren Brown.

The TV show is described as a ‘new type of narrative magic show’ that brings film scenes to life, which are unleashed upon unsuspecting residents from towns across the UK and the U.S.

It launches on Monday December 9 at 9pm on Watch.

The videos, which include ‘paranormal’ events and what is described as a ‘giant bioluminescent alien’ have racked up over one million views since they appeared on YouTube four months ago.


Bristolians took to social media to report the 15ft, squid-like alien pulsing beneath the water in the city's harbour.

Videos and images shot by stunned locals of the tentacled alien first appeared on Tuesday and within 24 hours over 3.5 million related tweets were written. 

Before the hoax was revealed, one Twitter user questioned whether the squid had escaped from Bristol Zoo.

Marine biologists claimed the footage could be a marine salp which had drifted off course by the weather.

Dr Simpson said: 'There is a possibility that it is a special type of jellyfish or a marine salp. It's very unusual and I haven't really seen anything like it before though.

'What makes it even more unusual is that fact that it showed up in the middle of a really busy area.

'There are various marine animals that have biological illuminating abilities and they are able to make themselves flash.

'It is entirely possible that it is a marine creature which has been brought into the harbour because of the storms or maybe it was trying to shelter from the stormy seas.

Source and special thanks: The Daily Mail

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Starts: December 05th, 2013 12:00 AM
Ends: December 05th, 2013 12:00 AM
Bristol harbour
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The 'alien jellyfish' WAS a hoax!