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I was on vacation, standing with my husband on the pier at Fort Myers Beach, Ft. Myers Florida. Just taking photos, and waiting for sunset to hopefully get a good sunset photo. I took several photos of the setting sun over the water, beach, pier etc. Did not notice anything out of the ordinary at the time, there was no sound, only the sounds of many people at the beach.


Only when I got home, and later on uploaded the photos to my laptop, did I notice the "blob", and zoomed in to see it closer, thinking it was a bird or something. It looks like an orb with a solid shape, and does have that saturn like shape thats mentioned here in the questions, but its hard to tell as its so far away and zooming in doesnt help. It appears to be tilted?

It appears to have a slight glow or "halo" effect, and possibly a little reflected light on one side from the suns light? (This seen when zoomed in.)


I couldnt tell you if it was moving erratically or whatever as I didnt notice it at the time, I was focused on the sunset and getting a clear shot.

Doesnt appear to me to be a helicopter, or bird, as you can see its far away and if its a bird itd be a big one! Dont think its a bug either, as itd be closer than this appears….but Ill let you be the judge!


One other thing to mention was I put the photo temporarily into "neon" in Picasa, and it shows the object as a white solid looking blob, with a black pinpoint center! I tried different effects to see if it showed the "blob" in a way that I hoped would make it easier to identify. Other than the interesting neon effect, it didnt really help.


Im enclosing the photo and a zoomed in cropped version so you may see it better, its the blob to the right of the small cloud above and to the right of the sun.


I am interested to know if anyone else saw it, videotaped it or can explain it somehow, can you let me know? Thank you in advance!

The above case was submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
High resolution photo #1

High resolution photo #1

253 days ago
High resolution photo #2

High resolution photo #2

253 days ago
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