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When I was growing up in the early 1980's in surbarban Sri Lanka I remember playing in our garden. It was around 7:45PM and the sun had set; when I came to a large flower bed I noticed a glowing object lying on the ground through the dense vegetation. The object was somewhat similar to the one in the article below but in my case it was a glowing white object with a hint of silver. I though about touching it but I had second thoughts as I noticed that there was no significant source of lighting for it to reflect so much light and therefore I concluded its light was generated from whithin.

The object was about the size of a small dinner plate. I backed off in ecitement and contemplation as I did not know what to do next. After getting my courage up I began to move aside the vegetation as I have now made up my mind that I want to touch it. Except in that little time I hesitated it was gone. However, there was a depression where the object had rested. On touching the circular indentation on the ground where the object had been I felt the sand to be warm to the touch which left me with even more questions.

This boy in the article below has seen something simliar, I can't say if its the same object I witnessed as even though the top looks silimar there are subtle differences in color and shape. Please see this article that appeared in the local newspaper 'The Dailymirror', I think it might interest you.

I would also like to note that I have seen an object in orbit that looked like a Sattelite however, it came to a complete stop instantly and seperated into two objects and one half continued on a 90 degree heading from the main objects trajectory. Shortly after seperation the main object began to continue on its course. I know of no rocket engines and spacecraft on earth that can come to a dead stop like this object did. Another interesting point is I first noticed this in 1998 over the skies of Sri Lanka at around 4AM and secondly noticed the same thing in Minnesota, USA at around 9PM on a cold winter night. If you guys have an explanation please shoot. I am open.

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Kahatagasdigiliya, Sri Lanka
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