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I'm writing you today to share with you images of a small stone carved head I have had in my personal collection for several years. I would like to know your thoughts on this. 

A local college geologist who examined it says he thinks the stone is a type of porphyry - similar to granite -and that the carving seems to indicate that the artifact is of some age. I obtained it from a man in Iowa who inherited it from his grandmother. His older relatives told him the she had this in her possession since she was a young woman. It is not known where she obtained it, but she did do some traveling in her younger years. 

The research I have done on native american traditional art forms suggest that the stylistic elements evident in the carving are consistent with some of the Pacific Northwest tribes - especially Bella Coola and Kwakiutl. 

It measures approx. 3.5" tall by 2.5" wide by 3" deep. 

My friend Kathy Strain and I showed it to the attendees of the Yakima Bigfoot Roundup in 2009 during her presentation regarding Native American evidence supporting the existence of Sasquatch, and there was a lot of interest.

Take a look at these images and let me know what you think. I have written to Scott Wolter in an effort to have him evaluate the carving - specifically the wear patterns evident inside the grooves - but I have not yet received a response from him. 

High resolution photograph

High resolution photograph

137 days ago
High resolution photograph

High resolution photograph

137 days ago
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  •  tplescia: 

    Ankhesenamun - thank you for your input.  There have been some people who saw the carving and thought it might be of African origin, possibly representing some kind of ape, due to the prominent brow ridge and the thin lips.  I have not ruled out this possibility.  However, the way the nose was represented seems more humanlike than apelike, and the stylistic features of the carving - the scalloped markings framing the face and the striations apparently representing hair on the head - do seem to echo the stylistic elements of many carved cedar masks from certain Pacific Northwest tribes.   

    Nevertheless, I am very curious about what you said about your ivory ring with a similar image, and I will follow up on the Bujumbura lead you provided.  By any chance do you still have the ring?  I would love to see the image on it.


    Thank you!  -  Tony Plescia


     130 days ago 
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    I myself have not much clue as to what it could be a carving of..But it does remind me of the carved art from a place called "Bujumbura"  This is one of the seventeen provinces of Burundi.. with this image on it..why do i say this? Well i had an Ivory ring carved with this image on it one time 30 years go....Given to me by a friend of my boss at work...She was from Burindi...I worked as a Communtiy Relations Officer, for the council for racial equality part of the  CRE Commission,at the Home office in london..I had met lots of people that became friends over the years..This was one of the gifts.....Regards....

     136 days ago 
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