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Description: Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story. Basically, on April 15, 2004, I was home recovering from a badly broken arm. I was watching TV, like any normal day. It was approximately 3:30 in the afternoon. The weather was great, calm and it was a bright sunny day with very few clouds. Suddenly my house seems to start shaking and I got alarmed as to what may be causing it. The room I was in felt electrically charged. I felt a tingling all over and this got more intense. When I stood up the feeling was even more intense and I felt like I was becoming paralyzed and having trouble breathing. I did not feel that this was something inside me, but around me that had a great deal of force. This went on for what felt like minutes from beginning to end. All of a sudden the force seemed to leave. I fell back onto the couch, very shaken up and it was a little bit before I could get my composure back.
Unknown to me at the time, but I later found out that at the same time, my neighbor was getting ready for his yearly trip to Darlington Motor Speedway. It was also 3:30 PM. He is an avid photographer and likes to take pictures of the cars during the races. He had a zoom lens with high speed film to capture the action. His camera was not digital. He saw an object coming across the sky from the direction of the hydro dam which is only one mile from our houses. The object was moving to the south and he was facing north, so he was able to get 2 shots as it came around and flew over my house before it shot off to the southwest at a high rate of speed. He really did not know what the object was because of the speed it was traveling. When he got the film developed, he was shocked to see that he had gotten such good pictures. He thought he would have good pictures, but not this good. It cleared any doubt in his mind of what he had seen. As soon as he got the film developed he showed me the pictures and we put two and two together about what had happened at my house. My neighbor has since only been able to come up with one of the pictures. Hopefully at some point he will be able to find the other, but this one speaks for itself. I have lived in SC my whole life and served in the Navy on the aircraft carrier USS Lexington during the Vietnam Era, but I have never heard anything about something like this.

I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Sighting information: April 15, 2004 at 3:30 PM. Great Falls, SC 29055.

Additional Information Sent by Witness: I am very pleased with your response. I know the picture to be authentic as it is what happened to me. I spoke with my neighbor. The camera specifications are: Minolta X-3A, SLR model, 65×300 zoom lens, using 400 speed film. He said hopefully he will be able to find the additional photo. Since we are at this point, I would appreciate being able to speak by phone. I am not the best at email.

Note: A Google search revealed that the first race at the Darlington Speedway in 2004 was on Sunday, March 21, 2004. Another race occurred in November of 2004. I suspect that the date of the photo may have been on March 15, 2004 rather than April 15, 2004. We are attempting to confirm the date. We received prints of the photo which was not taken with a digital camera, but was taken with a quality camera with a telephoto lens and high speed film. The photo was scanned at 200 DPI color. If this photo in authentic, it is of a classic flying saucer. It is important to note that the object was seen by the photographer and not later found in the photo. In addition it should be noted that strange effects occurred within a mile of where the photo was taken at the time of the photo.

I have also learned that retired Naval optical physicist Dr Bruce Maccabee is analyzing this photo. His analysis has not yet been completed.


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    Instantly - I flashback to a segment we did on "Reality, Checked" about the hoaxers. When we see "The Real Deal", we will not recognize it, give it weight and it will be burried by years and years of hoaxes and redicule...The perfect plan. Am I looking at at an intersteller space-craft right now in this photo? An obvious question, but a mountain of convoluted details to remove any shred of excitement I once had. I still get excited about my own experiences as I see them, but I wish we weren't dealing with such a huge effort to smoke-screen this subject.

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Starts: April 15th, 2004 8:19 AM
Ends: April 15th, 2004 8:19 AM
At home
Great Falls, South Carolina
United States
Where did this happen?At home
CountryUnited States
StateSouth Carolina
CityGreat Falls
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