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This image was taken on 8th August 2007 in the COB (Central Operating Base) which I believe used to be Basra Airport, it's located south west of Basra itself, over the river. I was serving in Operation Telic 10, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, attached to the Irish Guard Battle Group.


I had just returned to the COB from a 3 month stay in Basra Palace where 3 friends had been killed within weeks of each other. This was taken the day I got back, in the COBs smoking area. When I returned home in November, I uploaded all the the photos I had taken to Facebook and started tagging people, I noticed a figure behind my friend and zoomed in closer in order to work out who it was so I could tag them. It was then I noticed it resembled death and wasn't a person at all. I changed the brightness of the photo and got the shock of my life!


Firstly the situation at the time was so hostile that anyone wearing anything other than the issued uniform was immediatly noticed and challenged! With the security in our camp noone could have got in. If the figure was seen in person by myself and friends, it would of got several 9mm rounds to the head, however at the time, nothing was seen.

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  •  Fearnaught: 
    Believe me, it wasn't a design or anything on the container, I compared the photo to numerous other photos and friends photos and there was nothing at all stuck,
    Painted on or designed on the container.
    I still have the original jpeg if you require it?
     235 days ago 
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  •  Digitalheretic: 
    it's design or graffiti on the container
     254 days ago 
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  •  firestorm005: 
    Interesting... not death by the way, but interesting. I started to go along with the "design" thought above until I noticed that you could see the numbering for a bit through its shoulder... which would mean that it is not fully solid looking (cameras do pick up things that we can't see and sometimes subconsciously choose not to see if it is a quick thing). The black hooded "entity" is not that uncommon (weirdly), but seems to usually be a particular kind of fallen angel (when it is real and not faked), that I would have no trouble believing could have been around that area. I have a dandy photo of one that kind of troubles me to look at, and once you give it a good photoshop enhancement (it was bad enough just the way it was actually) its features come out. However, have never seen a whilte face like that with one... never. I suspect it has something to do with the contrast/brightness filter that you used. I first thought an Islamic robed individual had gotten in there until I read your points about it not being possible. I take it that you don't remember some wicked-looking poster (boy, that would not be regulation would it?) partly torn off there of course. Odd... It is on both sides of the support... but it was the being able to see a bit of the number behind a piece of it that intrigued me. Would love to get a copy of the original jpeg, although I am not hinting at it.
     338 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  Wolfie0827: 
    Sorry, but this is not a 3d image, from the image it appears to be a design (not necessarily an person or figure) on the case, you can see that it follows the in and out contour of the case in the picture.
     390 days ago 
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  •  Albertagirl: 
    I had a photo turn out with something that looked like a horrible demon in the background once... in the end it was matrixing and was my globe caught in just the right light (it was taken in near dark) behind a old coat with shadowing. Not saying that IS the same thing going on here, just that it does happen. It took us days looking at it to figure it out. Scary if it is real tho!
     477 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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Starts: August 08th, 2007 7:57 PM
Ends: August 08th, 2007 7:57 PM
Basrah Airport
Central Operating Base, Basrah
Where did this happen?Basrah Airport
CityCentral Operating Base
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