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On March 13 1997, I was coming home from work in Los Angeles. I was on the 110 fwy N bound in downtown Los Angeles. The time was around 6pm. The sun was almost down, but sky still bright. I exited the fwy on Wilshire blvd. I was driving a 84 GTI , with a sunroof, and it was open. As I approched Wilshire bld, I looked up  through the sunroof and I saw the same craft that flew over Phoenix 1 hr later. It was going from west to east. Altitude was around 5000 ft. Whiyle passing right over head it made no noise and was traveling at around 30 to 40 mph. I got out of the car to get a better look. I looked around to point it out to other people getting of the exit, but no one was comming. There was alot of traffic on Wilshere bld in both directions. I tried to flag those cars to stop and look up but know one stopped. By this point it was right over the downtown skyline. I couldnt believe what I saw!! I went home and told my father to put on the news so we could see it. No news on it. I watched te news the next day and for the next 2 weeks, nothing. We didnt even hear about Phoenix, nothing. It seems no one else saw it over Los Angeles. I know what I saw. Several years later, around 2001 I saw a show on the Phoenix lights by accident. My hair stood up all over my body. I shouted thats it!! Thats what I saw, exactly. The only thing that I know is, it flew over Los Angeles before it got to Phoenix... Thats it..

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Starts: March 13th, 1997 6:10 PM
Ends: March 13th, 1997 6:01 PM
110 fwy and Wilshire blvd
Wilshire blvd
Los Angeles , California
United States
Where did this happen? 110 fwy and Wilshire blvd
CountryUnited States
CityLos Angeles
StreetWilshire blvd
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