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NOVEMBER 9, 2013   11.40 PM   ....   O'FALLON, MISSOURI

I was out walking with my girlfriend and her dog tonight in O'Fallon Missouri. The sky was cloudless, with nice star viewing. I was looking up at the stars while she was watching the dog doing what dogs do when I noticed an object moving through the night sky at approx 11:40PM (plus or minus 15 minutes), Saturday November 9th.

I first noticed it because it was blocking out the stars as it moved. The object was completely unlit, and was quite dark - although not as dark as the blackness of the sky itself. I could clearly make out its boomerang V shape as it passed above me, since it was slightly lighter than the background. It was not easy to see, extremely subtle, and would be easily missed.

It was silent. It moved at the same speed and in the same unwavering direction the entire time I watched it. I was able to track it for less than one minute. It moved from roughly north to south across the sky, and was nearly directly overhead as it passed me. Its course would have been roughly parallel to Highway K in O'Fallon, MO, the nearest large road to my viewing location. I did not get a chance to view its entire course across the sky, I first noticed it perhaps halfway up from the horizon as it approached me and then lost it in a similar position as it passed into the distance. As it crossed over me its "apparent size" from my location was very similar to holding one of the 2 or 3 inch matchbox type airplanes out at arms length above me.

Due to the way it blended in so very well with the night sky I lost it from my sight well before it reached the horizon. It was impossible for me to tell how big it was or how high due to a lack of scale reference to it. When I first noticed it I thought it was a large bird or owl hovering in the sky hunting, however that impression did not last. As it approached closer I thought perhaps it was a kite or odd shaped balloon floating slowly by. None of these impressions lasted more than a few seconds though. It was clear well before it was overhead though that it was neither an animal nor an object floating in the wind.

The object was a squared off "V" shaped aerial machine. The angle of the "V" was wide, perhaps as much as 120 degrees. It was a narrow, if you want an approx of its appearance/shape/scale then imagine two black 12 inch rulers pinned together at a wide angle. I commented something like "what the $#$%@! is that?!" after looking at it a few seconds, and continued to verbally express my incomprehension of what this object was. I pointed it out to my girlfriend but she could not locate it in the sky. The closest aerial vehicle that I know in comparison to what I saw would be the Northrop B2 bomber, which are stationed in central Missouri, and I have seen them in flight before.

However, given the actual size of a B2 vs the relative size of the object I saw, the engine noise would have been extreme. Also the object I saw did not have an apparent engine section extension added to the "boomerang" body shape, like the B2 has.


NOVEMBER 9, 2013  6.35 PM ....  


I was traveling home from a local take out restaurant in Malaga New Jersey. I first noticed the triangle black object straight ahead of me at a 45 degree angle, out of my front windshield. I made a turn onto Swedesboro rd, heading towards my home aprox 1/4 mile away.

I pulled off the road into the grass and got out of my car to see it. I see planes all the time , night and day, because my home is located on the airlines flight path to Philadelphia International Airport. This night time object was so different from commercial planes that I had to get out of the car. The triangle slowly traveled overhead and I could hear a slight hum or whining noise. There were two green light on one corner of the triangle and two red light on the other corner or back of the object. There were also two lights, one in the front and one in the back.

I have included a rendering of the object. I first noticed the object in the south west sky and after it traveled over my car it headed to the north east direction then made a turn to the north. I am the Chief Investigator for MUFON in New Jersey and I found out there is another similar sighting.  I am wondering if these UFO's, or some people call them alien craft, try to copy the light patterns of our own commercial jets so they can hide in plain sight ?

It would make perfect sense to me. temperature was approximately 50 degrees with no winds and partly cloudy. NOTE: The above image is a rendering of the Franklinville object.  The New Jersey sighting is under investigation by MUFON.






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Starts: November 10th, 2013 12:00 AM
Ends: November 09th, 2013 12:00 AM
MISSOURI, New Jersey
United States
Where did this happen?NEW JERSEY
CountryUnited States
StateNew Jersey
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Case Manager NameKEN PFEIFER
Case Manager EmailFALCON51@COMCAST.NET
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