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Three Witnesses Observe Amber-colored Globe over California
Published: 4:22 PM 1/3/2012

It was a clear sky at the time of the sighting.

My roommate first noticed the object just over an apartment building towards the southeast. He got my attention and all three of us witnessed it make its way over our street.

At first it seemed on fire. It would flicker and dim. It seemed to drift rather than fly. This is why I thought it may be something on fire.

I cannot say for sure how high in the sky it was, but it seemed low. Once it came over us, it appeared to rise higher in the sky.

As it did so, it made a sharp movement to the left before drifting back to the original spot. This is when I knew it was something beyond an average object in the sky. When it was directly over us, it dimmed and continued to go higher.

Before it blinked out, my roommate (Dennis) saw it shoot off to the south.

We have pictures and video. We would like the video and picture analyzed. Some strange anomalies appeared on some of the photos and we would like them explained.

Please get back to us, we would love to share this story in more detail, and we are hoping others saw what we did that night.


Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this. I have been moving and keeping really busy. I finally got a new pc and saw that you posted awhile back. Above is testimony I sent to ufo casebook. I also called NUFORC the night of the incident and gave my report to Peter Davenport himself. Here is a link to the post along with a video(the video does not show was all we could manage to produce. We did take pics of the strange mist and odd light effects around our area.)

Would love to talk with anyone about this.

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    The third picture is of the most interest. You can see an object i nthe sjy but none of us can figure the bright blue object to the left coming into frame. There was no cars or any light source that close to us. It was also clear and no one was smoking. We took several more pics around us with cig smoke(to try and simmulate) and none of the pics came back this way, in fact they were all crystal clear pics with no disturbance. I understand it could have been effect from the phone that took the picture...but how odd it was only the pics of the object in the sky did these photo anomalies present themselves. If anyone has any ideas or questions..please do not hesitate.
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"We were never alone"
Starts: December 27th, 2011 9:30 AM
Ends: December 07th, 2011 9:20 AM
Hollywood Calif
Alexandria Ave.
Los Angeles, California
United States
Where did this happen?Hollywood Calif
CountryUnited States
CityLos Angeles
StreetAlexandria Ave.
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