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Description: In the early sixties I was walking along a railroad track in Lamoni, Iowa. It was very isolated. I suddenly felt chilled and looked up to the sky where I saw two spinning “lights” dancing around each other. I was totally fascinated by this sight. Suddenly there was this loud “pop” in front of me and it felt like I had hit a solid wall. I fell on my rear. When I awoke I was in my room with a bloody nose and seven hours had passed and I had no idea what happened. In the early fifties I walked three blocks with my sister to a girl scouts meeting. I returned home three hours later with no idea where I had been. Later in the late fifties I was upstairs in my room doing homework when suddenly I felt chilled. I looked up and saw a grey “shadow” rabidly flew out the window. Throughout my life (I am now seventy one) I have had many nights when I am sleeping and perceive something is taking me away. I have fearful feelings. I have suffered night terrors ever since the Iowa experience. I also hear electronic sounding voices at night, but cannot understand what is being said.

Second Report by Witness (In Response to Questions): Thank you for letting me “sound off”. I have rarely have mentioned these experiences before and to those I did I felt that they thought I was nuts. During those times I was young and drug-alcohol free and have never had mental problems. The early experiences took place in Oregon (Forest Grove). There were times when younger I would “feel” something coming and I literally hid in closets. I have always wondered what actually happened to me in the sixties experience. My night terrors are always about trying to escape something, not someone, but something.”. Throughout the years and especially in the eighties when I had a tenth story apartment (the last floor) my experiences of struggling to hold onto the bed as it felt like something was pulling me away, but could not hold on, and of course being “taken”. Being seventy one now I guess it shouldn’t make any difference. I just felt I needed to tell someone my experiences before I die. As I said, I rarely have told, but only a few only to have them think I was off my rocker! I thank you for your forum. It was a real relief to relate all this to someone who might understand.

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Where did this happen?Lamoni, IA
CountryUnited States
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