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I have been researching the Moon and Mars for many years.  It has already been proven that NASA covers strange areas with blurry blocks or out of focus images.  There are also numerous  X  marking on the Moon's surface.  At first I thought it was markings on the film but this is not the case. 

 These  X  markings are on the surface all have a Three-D effect.  I am not sure what the reason is for these markings but we should find out in the near future.  The secret is finding the best Moon and Mars web site from NASA and other sources.  Even Google Mars and Moon are great sources.  Having the patience to scan a very hi definition image is also the secret. 

Some images may take hours to scan and investigate.  There are hundreds of objects that I have discovered but I only keep the best images that really look like something alien.

 Of course the debunkers will say it something else but who is really listening to the debunkers.  They would debunk the sun coming up every day.  Its time to take this UFO phenomenon to the next level with more investigations and discoveries by the public.  You do not have to be an investigator or scientist to find these amazing objects on the planets and the Moon.  You just to have the determination and passion to be one of the best Ufologist.  Joining MUFON is a great start.  You can become an investigator with in a couple month.  Take the easy test and pay the small fee for the testing information and you will be privy to all of the UFO sightings throughout the world and the real investigations.  Being an inside in the UFO community is the best. 


The top header image is the moon base I discovered on the Moon.  The date was  9-14-12 when I found this very strange image.  If you download the free google earth , you can then go to google Mars and the Moon.  Just click on the Saturn image at the top of the page. 





E-MAIL ME AT FALCON51@COMCAST.NET  and I may publish your findings on my web sites.  Make sure you add the discovery information on the photo like I did in this article.  This protects you from other sources stealing your findings.  We work hard for these discoveries and do not want others taking credit for our hard work.  Simple as that.


The image below is the source of my findings.


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  •  Taeko: 

    This comment is the results of remote viewing of these images as targets.  Those crosses appear to have been added by the people who processed the images. They are not really there.  However, the base image looks like something the sensors let pass.  That dark opening is about 1600 feet in the long dimension.  It is an entrance to a very large complex and I did not explore  all of it.  The beings down there look very much like Reptilians.  There is a large population of them as well as many of their triangular space craft.  I received no channeling from  them, but from JROD I received permission to post a comment.

     59 days ago 
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