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This case happened about 11 months ago, it's something i will never forget or see again in my lifetime. I work in brisbane during the week but live up the coast, which means i, like a lots of other folks that live up here have a very early morning start to our day and a atleast a 2hr drive to get to work. This morning was no different to any other morning, up at 3.30am get myself organised with all mystuff and load the car up.


Creep out of the estate with out to much noise and start heading down the highway towards brisbane. Well i was about 20mins into the drive when i glanced across towards the western sky to see two bright beam of pink and yellow light side by side, joined with a clean line, shoot from the ground into the sky. It was that big and quick it scared me half to death, this was not good driving at 100kph (60mph) at around 4.30am in the morning.


The lights looked to becoming out of the pine forest, off the side of the highway, the beam to me seamed to be what i would guess to be about a good 50meters wide.


I have watched for this beam of light on every trip ever since and never have seen it again.

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I will fill you in on a part of my life that everyone laughs at me about till this day, I was living down at Bracken Ridge when this happen to me, I know what happen, because i was awake no different than i am now, it has never happen to me again and i would never wish it to happen to me or anyone. …
380 days ago
In my bedroom, Bracken Ridge, Australia
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Starts: August 18th, 2013 7:13 PM
Ends: August 18th, 2012 7:13 PM
North of Glasshouse Mountains Qld
Bruce Highway
Glasshouse, Queensland
Where did this happen?North of Glasshouse Mountains Qld
StreetBruce Highway
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