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I had a brother who passed away 2.5 years ago in a very brutal car accident two minutes form where we live, it was a tragedy that hit me hard and finally got my life together, but as the years passed stuff changed and I couldn’t walk into his room in the basement, but now I have my room down there, one night when I wasn’t used to the ghost sightings I got scared when he came and visited me after a night in hand cuffs for having my keys on me while under the influence of alcohol, but the night after all that happened I was in my room (my brother old room) with my girlfriend and i felt a  cold goose bump feeling, looking in mirrors I could not do as to I would see his reflection behind me. now I have learnt that the more scared you are of spirits/ghosts the stronger they become like that night in February, when I saw him in the bathroom staring back at me, as a result my mind went to a different dimension I call it, a dimension of the dead, as he kept staring at me I kept trying to back up but a wall was right behind me, I then started trying to climb up the wall backwards which did not work out in my favor, but since I was so scared he kept feeding of my sorrow. I then left the house for days at a time and could not sleep when I was there. The years passed and so did my fear, I’m sitting in the basement right now and his presence is upon me as I type this out, that cold goose bump feeling, but that is not fear, I breath look around and say "hi Craig" and smile, he plays little games with me like opens doors in front of me or leaves bathroom doors open, I have gotten used to my brothers spirit being around me now and I feel great that he is watching out for me. But no matter what anyone says I will always believe in ghosts and spirits. People may not believe me but I know what I saw all those nights and I know what the feeling of a presence is. I’m happy he died having fun and that he’s out of this world we call home, and I hope he is frustrated that me and the rest of the family have to deal with corrupt government.

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  •  mothman: 

    now that is awesome you seriously must know how to deal with this stuff.

     198 days ago 
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Starts: February 17th, 2013 3:30 AM
Ends: February 16th, 2013 11:54 PM
My basement
Hewitt Drive
Sturgeon County, Alberta
Where did this happen?My basement
CitySturgeon County
StreetHewitt Drive
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