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My son woke us at 3:00am when there were 4 loud booms and bright flashes of light and firework sounds (but NO FIREWORKS in the sky) like cracking and popping. 

Looked like it came from over the 215 fwy at the 210 fwy area. Anyone else see or hear it? We are located near 17th St and Campus Ave. in Upland CA. 

Please reply or post if you saw or heard anything. We lost power for 1-2 minutes each time, bedside clock started blinking, so I had to reset it over and over.


Note from The Black Vault: The witness also supplied, voluntarily, the following news article - and feels that the incident they witnessed was not the same, and something strange is going on.


Montclair woman held after Upland crash causes outage

By Greg Cappis, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

UPLAND >> A Montclair woman is lucky to be alive after her SUV crashed through two power poles early Sunday morning, causing thousands to lose power, authorities said.

Upland police said the woman was driving south on Campus below 17th Street around 3 a.m. when her Honda CR-V struck the poles.

Two electrical poles and power lines landed on her car, according to police Sgt. Marc Simpson.

“She should be dead,” he said. “She should be dead from the electricity.”

Power lines charged an iron fence nearby, and 2,160 Southern California Edison customers lost power, according to Edison spokesman Robert Villegas.

He said the outages began at 3:35 a.m. and everyone’s power was restored by 1:04 p.m.

Resident Brian Elliott said he heard and saw explosions from his home a couple of blocks away.

“You could hear it,” he said by phone. “There were three of them right in a row. They lit up the sky, like a lightning sort of thing.”

The driver ran from the scene of the accident and hid in bushes about a quarter-mile away, where police found her, Simpson said.

An ambulance took her to a hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries, he said.

Then police arrested the woman, identified as 21-year-old Edith Macias, on suspicion of DUI and hit-and-run, Simpson said.

Source and special thanks: The Daily Bulletin

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The Black Vault Owner/Operator
Starts: January 26th, 2014 12:00 AM
Ends: January 26th, 2014 12:00 AM
Ontario Intl airport
17th St and Campus Ave.
Upland, California
United States
Where did this happen?Ontario Intl airport
CountryUnited States
Street17th St and Campus Ave.
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