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Description: I have two photos: One shows close ups of the still shot of that thing and the star and the original shot.These photos are all unedited and neither are enhanced in any way. My boyfriend and I have been watching this thing from his house in Traverse City, Michigan and actually caught this photo at my house a few miles away from my driveway on August 16th. We have been calling the ‘Disco-ball’ for quite a long while, for about a year or so. We had been looking at it through binoculars and cameras and telescopes. To the naked eye it looks like an actual disco-ball spinning all types of colors and looks like the normal size of a star/planet in the sky, but when looking at it through the binoculars and telescopes, it almost looks 3D meaning it’s in our atmosphere.Then capturing it from my camera on a tripod, making these photos absolutely still that thing is anything but still. It doesn’t look like that from staring at it from the ground. It moves slowly, but we had no idea that is what we would catch. We have been taking lots of photos of it now and keep getting the same results.


Everything else is still, that thing is not. I hope this photo gives you shock and awe. (Everyone else seems to be stumped.) Email me back if you would, please.


Witness Response to Investigator Questions: Thank you for posting! I did take that photo off of my tripod. And actually lately we have seeing not just one in the sky, but more than one. And I have been taking several photos. I have been sending them in to many different sites and have been trying to get a hold of our local observatory. We have been noticing most of them come out right around the same time every night. These things are extremely obvious and they are different than stars and they are in our atmosphere. If you don’t have severe light pollution they are out all night I have got so many photos recently of different ones if you would like to see them. They are amazing. To look out for them in the sky at night, just stare up at the stars and if you see some flickering chances are that is it. And they only way I could tell if it was actually something is that the camera would show me that instead of a dot like normal stars. Thank you so much for posting. I have got a lot many more photos like that one. I would love for you to see some!


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Traverse City, Michigan
United States
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CountryUnited States
CityTraverse City
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