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Description: We spent the night in our field across from our home in WV and our kids were in the tent. It was around 1 AM and my wife and I sat at the fire and then a bright light came over the trees from the north to the south. It was a ball shape and moved very slow overhead and it made no noise whatsoever. It seemed to stop overhead. It was kind of big, but I could not tell you how big it was. Then it seemed to move away from us and then we looked at one another and noticed that the fire has almost gone down and we thought this funny. So I put more wood on the fire and my wife checked the girls. I noticed my socks were soaked so I changed into some dry ones in the tent. We both went to the fire pit to warm ourselves and thought it funny at what just happened and by now it was almost 2 AM and we thought later on how fast time went by. We just stood there until it was almost day light keeping the fire going and then went to bed in the tent. When I got up the next morning by 7 AM or so, my wife had the camp site cleaned and was ready to go home. She never does this. It was always me, but this time she wanted to get home. As time went on we talked about it and told others, but they just smiled at us. We don’t drink, smoke or do drugs whatsoever! (This is just for the record.) But it was so weird. I am a Vietnam veteran and also was an EMT, a EMS dispatcher, and director of communications for Doddridge county EMS. We go to church and live a simple life style and keep to ourselves. Up to this point my wife thought it was all stories crazy people say to get attention. Now we both have a different outlook on whatever it was. We did not see any people in it nor did it make any noise or shoot down a beam or any of that stuff. As for the size I am not sure, but I would guess it was bigger then a VAN, but round and floated like a balloon. It was not until a few days later we talked about it. I also noticed I could see the image even going over the Middle Island Creek just over the trees, then took off as fast as fast could be and then took a left towards Salem, WV 12 miles from West Union. There is not much more to say, but we still look all the time and we are kind of in fear!

Update (Oct 20, 2013) – Report Written by Investigator Bradford Evans PhD (Conducted Phone Interview With Witness):

Date of Sightings: August 17, 2013
Time of Sighting: 1 AM
Location of Sighting: West Union Virginia

UFO and Possible Missing Time: The family was camping on some wooded property. The weather was clear, not a cloud in the sky, and they could see the stars. The witness and his wife had just put their children to bed and were warming themselves by the campfire when an object slowly floated toward them from the south, just above treetop level. The object was both dim and very bright – “like the full moon.” It was white and estimated to be the size of a van. The object made no sound. They watched it for about ten seconds before it stopped and hovered overhead. The next thing they knew the object moved off toward the south then accelerated very fast and shot away toward the left.

Afterward, he and his wife noticed that the fire had burned down to charcoals. They checked the time, and thirty-five or forty minutes had passed. Strangely, their feet and lower pant legs were wet. They could not account for this as the weather was clear and dry. Afterward the couple felt very restless. In the morning, the witnesses’ wife packed up early, eager to go home. They have not returned to the site since the event.

Possible Implants: The witness reported that after that night he and his wife noticed BB-sized objects beneath their skin — in his right arm and her left ear respectively. The objects, which have not caused any pain or discomfort, remain in place.

Note: The witness is a retired professional and combat veteran. He came across as no nonsense sort of guy and very credible. UFOs NW is awaiting photographs of the objects under their skin.


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