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I saw something tonight that made me do a Google search and it led me to you.


My fraternity brothers and I were traveling from San Diego to Phoenix, and when we were just southeast of Gila Bend, AZ, USA, we witnessed an orange light hovering in the sky. It was just there and didn’t move at all. I looked away deciding it was a tower or something.


However when I looked back there were two lights. They just hovered in the sky, unmoving but shining bright. They were relatively close.


All of a sudden, another two lights appeared and they were relatively the same distance away from each other as the first pair. The ones to our left appeared to be moving closer, growing brighter. Then one by one they dimmed and disappeared.


Then two more appeared and then another two, and they were kind of in the shape of the tips of a cross. They were there for about a minute and a half. Then those disappeared and then there appeared another two pairs of the same lines with one light in between. They were there for a while and then they gradually faded away.


Then this happened:


I managed to get this image of it before it faded away. This one hung in the sky for about five minutes. There were six individual lights, and a couple of them shined bright as if it was coming towards us. Then two of them gradually disappeared, and the other hung out for about three more minutes and then disappeared in the same manner.


I just wanted to reach out and see if there has been any information or any findings on it that you can share with me. I was not the only one that saw these, my brothers were in the car too.


Thank you!


The above was submitted to UFOs NorthWest.

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  •  Jessica_Barum: 
    Could these not be those Chinese lanterns? Not saying they are. Just a thought
     241 days ago 
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Gila Bend
Gila Bend, Arizona
United States
Where did this happen?Gila Bend
CountryUnited States
CityGila Bend
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