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            Retyped verbatim from Chicago Tribune Section 1, Sunday 25 May 1969

UFO Sighting Here Studied  by Ronald Kotulak

An unidentified flying object [UFO] that beams a dazzling ray of light to the ground has been reported in the Palatine-Lake Zurich area and is being investigated by members of Northwestern University’s astronomy department, it was learned yesterday.

            The object, which was described as saucer-shaped, frightened two teenage boys and caused the owner of a stable to wake up his employees to look at it.

            Dr. J. Allen Hynek, director of the astronomy department said the reports of the object appeared genuine and that he is continuing an investigation into the matter to determine if the UFO can be explained.

            “You have to conclude from talking to these people that they are either badly mistaken or that they really did see an unusual object in the sky,” he said.


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            Dr. Hynek who has been a UFO investigator for the Air Force for 20 years said that the descriptions of the object that flew over Lake Zurich bears striking similarities to other UFOs reported in America and other countries.

            At least three independent reports of the object, which was sighted on the night of May 12, have been made. Dr. Hynek asked that anyone else who saw the object in the Palatine-Lake Zurich area between 9:30 and 11:30 p.m. call him at 492-7650.

            The preliminary investigation has shown that neither the Glenview Naval Air Station nor any of the other airports in the area had helicopters or any other aircraft in the area at that time, Dr. Hynek said.

            The first to report the UFO was Greg Lucht of 210 N. Shubert St, Palatine. He and Alan Prouty, 949 Kenilworth Ter, Lake Zurich, first sighted the object from their car at Illinois Highway 53 near Dundee Road.

            Lucht said he first thought the object was a light on top of a radio tower and that a flash that was emitted came from a bird being electrocuted on the wires.

UFO Is Described

            But when he drove past a clump of trees, the UFO came into view. It was saucer-shaped, like a World War I English helmet. It had a concave indentation in the center of the underside with a large light in it, Lucht said.

            [First part of this paragraph is unreadable due to aging] oval with three large “head-lights” at what appeared to be the forward section, he said. Smaller red and white lights, which were located three quarters of the way around the rim of the UFO, kept blinking on and off, Lucht said.

            The boys went to Pouty’s home two blocks away and again saw the object from the roof of the house.

Both Are Upset

            ‘We were both pretty upset,” Lucht said. “We had to lie down on the roof to keep from falling off because it came so close.”

            The object made an unusual humming noise that would rise and fall in pitch in a regular pattern, he said. A neighbor’s dog began barking when the UFO came back into view, Lucht said.

            The unusual bright light of the object also attracted the attention of Morton Konlon, owner of the Rolling Green Stables in Lake Zurich.

Another Description Given

            Konlon said he first saw the object between 9 and 10 p.m. with two other men. When he got back to his stable he watched it as it flew around emitting flashes of brilliant light at about eight-second intervals.

            The light came straight down and flashed brightly like a giant flash bulb going off, Konlon said. He said it lit up a large area on the ground. Konlon, who flies small airplanes himself, said its lights were not landing lights from a plane. Furthermore, the object had white and red lights on it instead of the normal red and green lights on an airplane.

            He said he couldn’t tell the shape of the object because when the lights went off he couldn’t see anything.

            “I got the impression that it could have been someone taking late night photographs from an airplane but I don’t know why they would want to photograph this area,” he said.

            Konlon described the noise as sounding at first like a prop airplane when it was far away and then like a jet when it was overhead. He said he woke up several of his employees but by the time they came outside the object had vanished.

            Dr. Hynek said he interviewed the two youths separately and both made nearly identical drawings of the object.

            From their description the object may have been 50 feet in diameter, he said.

[Top Image] Alan Prouty of Lake Zurich drew this sketch of what unidentified flying object looked like as it was seen at Illinois Highway 53 and Dundee road.

[Bottom Image] Greg Lucht of Palatine made this sketch of underside of the unidentified flying object.

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Starts: December 31st, 1969 5:00 PM
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Illinois Highway 53 and Dundee Road
Illinois Highway 53 and Dundee Road
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