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In March of 2008, a video appeared on YouTube of an alleged Alien Autopsy. The poster, who claimed no responsibility for the creation of the video, had no knowledge of it's origin.

The video was quickly downloaded, and archived here at The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project for further analysis and investigation. No known source is currently known.

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  •  OddDuck: 
    To me the most convincing part of this video that makes it a hoax is not the
    "alien", but the human. When this person is performing his autopsy it is like he is just grabbing stuff and ripping it out like," oh yep seen this before, I know exactly what this is! This black dangly cord thing is just gonna go in the same bucket as the thing with the fleshy tumor mass." He is no professional that is for dang sure. Good job on the special effects though!
     376 days ago 
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  •  OddDuck: 
    To me I believe what is the most convincing part of this video that makes it a fake isn't the "alien" itself it is the person performing the autopsy. I have seen autopsies being done and people are very particular and almost perfectly analytical about step they take when it comes to taking organs out. This person is like, "oh look at this funny thing we will use...... ah this cool looking tool to remove this funny piece of fleshy meat!" Just grabbing stuff and pulling it apart and throwing all the pieces in a can.
     376 days ago 
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  •  Fut004: 
    What's most interesting to me is the size of the "Alien".
    It's quite small when compared to the size of the human's hands, and the tools.
    Which is quite eerie when compared to the newest "Alien Autopsy" videos - Dr. Steven Greer's Sirius Documentary: &

    As for the "Alien" in this video;
    it seems to have fairly realistic movement in it's shoulders and neck/head (at the beginning of the clip where the guy is moving it around a bit) - but the creature's body seems to be way too squishy in general. Almost as if the entire thing is made out of latex or something.

    Also, the guy has way too hard of a time cutting through the skin of this thing. How thick/tough would the skin on such a small creature be? Either the scalpel being used is very dull, or that skin isn't natural organic skin.
     460 days ago 
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  •  shornlion: 
    Seems rather fake, especially those Home Depot grade tools, especially the needle nose pliers and clamp holding open the stomach flap.
     530 days ago 
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    Whatever that is, it is not an alien life form, for one thing, there is "no blood flowing", but I must admit it is a 'perfect example' of "disinfomation" by the kings in power in the world today, and they probably circulated or made available that video to scare people about "strange, baby size aliens" that might "threaten the world with takeover" with their "supreme technology" it sounds "PRETTY FAR FETCHED" to me, clearly if there were such aliens, think about it would they be "landing here on a planet of giants" to be exhumed by giant hands such as this, be reasonable folks, no "self respecting alien race of human beings" and as I stated earlier they are all basically hominoids, would allow themselves to be either "captured" or even crash on this planet, of course it "could be a baby alien" perhaps, but even that I discount because of the aged looking features of the body, this is a "Dummy folks" and if you believe this is a real alien then you would perhaps be a "gullible dummy" as well!
     558 days ago 
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The Black Vault Owner/Operator
Starts: March 01st, 2008 8:46 AM
Ends: March 01st, 2008 8:46 AM

Unknown, California
United States
CountryUnited States
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Alien Autopsy Video (Released 3-2008)