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I was driving along highway 39 out of Klamath falls, As I was entering the town of Merrill when I noticed a pure bright white pointy edged kind of rectangular light emanating from an object (to me seemed to perfect of a light to be a kitchen window light) silhouetted by the houses behind it in a field about 50-60 feet away from me off the main road.

Although it was dark out still I could make out a pie plate shaped object about 20 feet in diameter with a sort of dip missing from one side. It was on that side I noticed more than two but no more than four smaller persons around it. I got the impression they were working, I did not pay too much attention to them as I slowed to make out what I was looking at. Suddenly I got a stabbing feeling in me the people around the object were alarmed I had noticed them and now I was staring. I could not make them out because of the dark but I thought maybe they were a mix of children and teens or possibly women because of the height and frame, they stopped what ever it was they were doing and stood still. I entered town and lost sight temporarily.

I was driving a u-haul truck and towing a car trailer, It was difficult but I made a u-turn to take a longer look at this weird object. when I returned after a time lapse of maybe 3 min. tops most likely less, It was no longer there only a kind of haze or fog remained. I scanned the sky hanging my head out the window. I noticed a blinking red beacon for aircraft like the kind all over the area on mountains and towers. This beacon was about maybe 50 feet above a closed sore or business, I stared at it realizing nothing was holding this "Beacon" up, Like it was trying to mock the other beacons all over the area. The flashing stopped then red and white lights came on all around the outside of the craft then began to go around the circumference of it in sequence, white then red then white... I knew it was definitely a disk at that point.

The front (or what i assume was the front) tilted downward about 20 degrees and began to slowly fly off at a casual helicopter speed. I assume in order to throw me off by mocking a helicopter now. This made me laugh because it was nothing like a helicopter. I listened intently for any noise as it made no noticeable sound at all. First it flew south east, Then about a mile away from me it changed direction toward where I estimate MT. Shasta is from my spot along the road where I had parked, Then continuing at the same speed flew out of sight from me. At that point I drove around a bit investigating the edge of town where the craft was landed, I noticed a couple of things I considered strange that may or may not have relevance to the sighting.

Like a man in the house closest to the landing site sitting in front of a large pain window with no blinds being completely oblivious to my accidentally getting a giant truck stuck on his front lawn when I attempted another u-turn, Almost as if he were some kind of hypnotized or something. I continued on my way. Once I got to the wooded area of the drive by the Lava flows monument my truck lost power and slowed almost to a stop for no apparent reason at all. Most of my attempts to make calls or texts were stopped short by no signal in areas signal has never been a problem for me. I felt both watched and not alone the rest of my drive to Reno and occasionally still feel watched and not alone even as recently as this morning.

Since I have felt weary to be alone outside in the early morning dark, I don't understand why when I wasn't frightened by the event. My new camera that unfortunately didn't have battery's at the time this happened does not work anymore even after I replaced the battery's a couple times. It makes me think this thing somehow broke it.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.







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Starts: February 07th, 2014 12:00 AM
Ends: February 06th, 2014 12:00 AM
United States
Where did this happen?MT SHASTA
CountryUnited States
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