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The following account is a brief summary of what I witnessed from 1961 to 1962… an extraordinary, unknown craft [UFO] in the vicinity of high-altitude U.S. nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean and what appears to be the crash of a UFO—and a failed attempt to retrieve it from the Ocean Floor…During Operation Dominic. A number of U.S. Naval vessels, one of which included the USS Finch (DER 328), a destroyer escort was placed on alert from COMCRUDESPAC, to report all incoming air traffic- to observe and report any strange sightings.

A fact of modern history is that, from 1945 until the late 1990s, the world experienced over 2,000 nuclear explosions. The bulk of these nuclear test were in the regions of the U.S. Nevada Nuclear Test Site, Soviet Central Asia, and the Pacific Ocean. The amount of damage caused by these detonations has seldom been in detail to the general public.

By early 1961, the Americans were again detonating nukes at the Nevada Test Site, and in April of that year resumed tests over the Pacific Ocean as part of Operation Dominic. And, a fact that a large number of UFO and USO sightings have not been reported to the general public. With good reason…Front page World News like: The space race, Cuban Crises, events leading to the JFK Assassination, Russia’s nuclear testing, the Vietnam War, the Bernie and Betty Hill Alien Encounter, and the list goes on and on…All world events up-staged UFO Sightings in the Pacific…

During October, the final five detonations of the program were based out of Johnston Island Atoll, about five hundred miles southwest of the Hawaiian Islands. These detonations took place at altitudes as high as 160,000 feet—more than double the ceiling of the ultra-high flying U-2 spy plane. The second-to-last exercise of Operation Dominic took place on October 26, 1962 at 9:59 a.m. This detonation appears to have caused the crash of the subject UFO as

Aboard the Finch, I was unaware that a missile had even been launched. The ship’s Captain, ordering everyone other than a few essential personnel below deck-I among them. After some time, the officer in charge ordered the men to look ten degrees off the starboard bow… a short time passed and what appeared in the sky—what I saw—was a huge cigar shaped object coming toward us at ten degrees and about 15-20 degrees off the horizon. It looked like it was two football fields in length.

The UFO appeared to have some kind of blue glow at the stern as it was moving past from the ship’s heading to aft of the Finch at a moderate rate. My judgment is that it had to be traveling at least 400 plus mph…it picked up speed. It just went from there to gone in a flash.

I was soon debriefed about the incident by a security officer who had boarded the Finch at Pearl Harbor prior to the Finch going on line. All who witnessed the sighting was ordered to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement - forbidding us to discuss the incident with anyone for twenty years. This crash of this unknown object occurred in the context of a number of UFO and USO encounters that had accompanied Operation Dominic.

Fifty three years have passed since that fateful UFO sighting in the Pacific Ocean. Fourteen years after the Pacific UFO sightings, I later I learned from a Master Chief Diver, stationed at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, he stated he was a part of a top secret UFO salvage armada sent to recover the subject UFO crash site located at the same Finch picket station location, in the Pacific…soon after I witnessed the UFO subject event . But, before he could give more details or proof about the UFO Salvage attempt, the Master Chief Diver died suddenly under strange circumstances…just days prior to his retirement -after 30 honorable years serving the military service in the Navy. Any and all attempts on my part to give details pertaining to the actual, or post events following the UFO Operation Dominic Salvage attempt, have been undermined to this day, with direct threats, from Men in Black/other apparel, tapped phones, computer crashes, computer hard drives gone missing.

I can only assume after all these years there may be more to this subject event that must remain under tight government control or by the powers that be. During and many years following my Navy Retirement paranormal activity has been on the rise. But, that’s another story…

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Starts: December 31st, 1969 5:00 PM
Ends: December 31st, 1969 5:00 PM
In the Pacific, Nuclear Test of 1961/62
South Pacific
French Polynesia
Where did this happen? In the Pacific, Nuclear Test of 1961/62
CountryFrench Polynesia
CitySouth Pacific
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1961 Pacific Operation Dominic UFO Crash