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EERIE DIAMOND SHAPED ALIEN CRAFT SPOTTED IN VERMONT NOVEMBER 25, 2013    ....    POULTNEY, VERMONT I was walking toward a building on campus and as I got closer (sky no longer covered by trees) I noticed a light gray diamond-shaped object hovering near but far above the building I was heading towa…
132 days ago
From falcon51
POSSIBLE SUBMERGED ALIEN CRAFT SPOTTED IN VERMONT  JULY 25, 1988    ....BENSON LANDING, LAKE CHAMPLAIN VERMONT Summer of 1988 Benson Landing, Lake Champlain, VT USA me & my friend Gordy was fishing at the landing this evening and wanted to stay till morning.   Around 3am our fire died out and…
9411 days ago
From falcon51
MOTHER AND SONS AMAZING UFO SIGHTING IN VERMONT   1982 ...WINOOSKI RIVER VALLEY VERMONT   In 1982, I was 12 years old. One evening that winter, near the holidays, my mother woke me up from a deep sleep at 2am. She was freaking out, and wanted me to verify that she wasn't crazy.  Our home …
592 days ago
From pfeifer
He’s Still Here! Elusive Lake Champlain Monster Surfaces to Serenade Onlookers With Strange Sounds By Dana Matthews,     With all this talk about Bigfoot lately, the Lake Champlain monster took the time out of his busy schedule to scare the crap out of an unsuspecting family …
274 days ago
On Lake Champlain, Lake Champlain, United States
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