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SUBMERGED ALIEN CRAFT SPOTTED IN LAKE ARCADIA OKLAHOMA   AUGUST 24,2013  EDMOND OKLAHOMA   This past Saturday night I was at Lake Arcadia around 12:30-1:00 in the morning fishing for catfish. I was fishing out of this old Juan boat and there was absolutely no one else on the water. The only…
359 days ago
From pfeifer
This is a video of a pretty recent UFO I saw a few months ago here in Oklahoma City on 9/23/11. The only conclusion I could think of is that they may be party balloons. I don't know though, the weird thing is that they formed into a V formation and stayed that way until it broke up and slowly faded …
1064 days ago
Outside house, Oklahoma City, United States
HUGH CIGAR SHAPER ALIEN CRAFT SPOTTED OVER OKLAHOMA  AUGUST 2, 2013 ... OKMULGEE OKLAHAMA While outside at my sister-in-law's home smoking, I noticed the object while looking for an usual commercial airplane altitude. When I turned my head toward the east, I saw this enormous objects. When I first…
384 days ago
From falcon51
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