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As shoppers were coming out of stores and restaurants in Winsted, Connecticut, several onlookers spotted something in the sky. A glowing, oval-shaped object was clearly seen in the night skies. Several of the shoppers grabbed their cell phones and began filming the unknown craft which emanated a bl…
1201 days ago
Local Market, Winsted, United States
TEAR DROP SHAPED ALIEN CRAFT SPOTTED OVER CONNECTICUT MAY 8, 2000 TERRYVILLE CONNECTICUT I was out in my backyard with my friend and my sister. We were just hanging around and could not have missed the object as it was large and lower than a helicopter would typically fly. It was closer to my neig…
169 days ago
From falcon51
We were in Derby, CT and we were driving home from the University of New Haven. The sky was split and we took a picture of the dark side and the light side. We did not notice it after we took the picture but we look closer and then we saw it looked liked at UFO. It was big and dull and it hovered…
267 days ago
While taking pictures of a storm, Derby, United States
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