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NOVEMBER 1992        BUZAU, ROMANIA In a November night, in 1992, three military helicopters encountered an unidentified aerial phenomenon. The airplanes accomplished a night flight in "triangle" from Buzau to Urziceni, with return after passing Mizil. The weather was ideal for flying, with unusual…
7972 days ago
Buzau to Urziceni, BUZAU, Romania
From falcon51
ROMANIAN MILITARY PILOTS WITNESS AN INCREDIBLE SIGHTING. MARCH 1989    ROMANIAN MILITARY AIRPORT At the Mihai Kogalniceanu military airport, north of Constanta, several supersonic fighter aircraft pilots of the Aviation Group 57 had witnessed an unidentified aerospace phenomenon. The event took pl…
9313 days ago
Mihai Kogalniceanu military airport, Constanta, Romania
From falcon51
ALIEN CRAFT REPORTED OVER ALEXENI AIR FORCE BASE CELEBRATIONS AUGUST 23, 1984       ALEXENI  AIR FORCE BASE,  ROMANIA Alexeni Air Force Base is in Ialomita County, not far from the town Urziceni. On August 23, 1984, was the communist era National Day, celebrating 40 years since Romania turned agai…
10964 days ago
From falcon51
In a shot eerily similar to a scene from the blockbuster film Independence Day, an unidentified flying object hovers over the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest.The man who took the photograph of the flying saucer in Romania's capital has spoken of his shock at his brief encounter.Cosmin Garle…
571 days ago
Parliament Building, Bucharest, Romania
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