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MAY 1991 - BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA On the first Monday night in May, 1991, I was watching the news with my dog. The ABC World News had just begun on TV when my dog began to growl. I had never seen her like that. She had a good nature and was playful. Her hair suddenly stood up in a ridge along her b…
8540 days ago
From falcon51
Original YouTube Description... Video is BELOW:   The photos published in the [below] video, were provided to us from a source who at this point wishes to remain nameless. What we can disclose, is that she is a woman, and has been a resident of New Orleans for the past 32 years of her life. She is…
3696 days ago
BROTHERS WITNESS STRANGE LIGHTS IN THE LOUISIANA FOREST   NOVEMBER 21, 2012 QUITMAN LOUISIANA   Me and my brother had just turned off the main highway to go into the Jackson-Bienville Game reserve about 5am. We drove about a half mile down the dirt road. All of a sudden my brother says stop…
664 days ago
From falcon51
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