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MH370: Radar Detected UFO Before Jet Goes Missing; Malaysian Air Force Head Reportedly Confirms Sightings By Lou Ramon Aguila, International Business Times The search for the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 continues, but to no avail, mysteries still hover over the disappearance of the jet…
193 days ago
In Flight, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
AMAZING ALIEN CRAFT ENCOUNTER ON THE BEACH OF MALAYSIA     OCTOBER 8, 2005   ...   KOTA KINABALU MALAYSIA         On the morning of Saturday October 8 2005 my wife and I dropped my 18 year old daughter at school. It was about 6:50 am and we decided to go to a nearby beach to wait for th…
3265 days ago
From falcon51
This is the description submitted to The Black Vault (grammatically uncorrected):   Any one know what kind of species is this? As i meet him?... her?... it at Pulau pangkor beach. It kind of weird, every legs with pincers. It got a baloon on it's head, the baloon with get big and small when it bre…
420 days ago
On the beach, Pangkor, Malaysia
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