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Shape: Triangle - Duration: 83 seconds Triangular shaped object with three lights witnessed by my son and mother in India. Today at 8:50 pm Indian standard time in city Ropar Punjab, India, me and my mother witnessed triangular shaped UFO for at least 1 min 23 to 25 sec, but the thing is that in t…
162 days ago
Ropar, India, Ropar, India
i want to tell you something....... 2 days before yesterday. i was walking at my house roof. time was almost 10.45 PM dated 2 July 2013 . suddenly i and my two sisters saw a strange light . there were three point of yellow light separate. they were moving and not blinking very slowly in the sky . i …
421 days ago
Moradabad, Moradabad, India
From Abhi
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