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Description: I discovered a flying object in this photograph I took almost 2 years ago, back in Vancouver, BC, while attending the Pacific National Exhibition fair with my family. It is very small, white in colour and its shape is lenticular. I added an edited copy of the photo, encircling the objec…
746 days ago
Pacific National Exhibition Fair, Vancouver, Canada
I scanned the skies for almost 2 weeks with no sighting then this. Tonight I skywatched for more than 3 hours and nothing , fell asleep on the couch then was awakened by the TV but it was on mute? half dazed I hit the volume and the TV went on, so I turned off the TV fell asleep and again voices and…
353 days ago
Night Sky, Vancouver, Canada
DISC SHAPED ALIEN CRAFT WITNESSED BY NURSES OVER VANCOUVER ISLAND CANADA   JANUARY 1, 1970 .... VANCOUVER ISLAND--BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA It was New Year's Day, 1970, but it was supposed to be a routine morning shift at Cowichan District Hospital. Nurse Doreen Kendall had started her shift at…
16309 days ago
From falcon51
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