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Description: I discovered a flying object in this photograph I took almost 2 years ago, back in Vancouver, BC, while attending the Pacific National Exhibition fair with my family. It is very small, white in colour and its shape is lenticular. I added an edited copy of the photo, encircling the objec…
620 days ago
Pacific National Exhibition Fair, Vancouver, Canada
A mother and daughter who live on a ranch just outside of Nanton are scratching their heads after a couple of unidentified flying objects flew over their southern Alberta home late last Sunday night. Sam Martine says she and her daughter were watching TV when they saw two bright lights hovering ove…
39 days ago
Southern Alberta, Alberta, Canada
ALIEN CRAFT SPOTTED ENTERING THE WATER IN LAKE ONTARIO In late August of 1981, between five and six pm, three men and two women were driving west from a mountain area slightly east of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and south of Lake Ontario. The weather was clear and sunny. At a point, roughly half way …
11930 days ago
From falcon51
CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH AN ALIEN CRAFT OVER ONTARIO CANADA NOVEMBER 2, 2013   .....   LONDON ONTARIO, CANADA On around November 1st at around midnight I had just been done having with my girl friend and decided to go outside out back on the deck for a cigarette.  I was about half way done my smoke wh…
139 days ago
From falcon51
MYSTERIOUS PHOTOS OF AN ALIEN CRAFT OVER CANADA DECEMBER 3, 2013 .....   GRAND FORKS BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA I was driving to visit an area of my town I frequently go and once lived.  I was driving and noticed a low bright light in the sky just above the mountain.   I thought to myself wow, I hav…
140 days ago
From falcon51
I had a brother who passed away 2.5 years ago in a very brutal car accident two minutes form where we live, it was a tragedy that hit me hard and finally got my life together, but as the years passed stuff changed and I couldn’t walk into his room in the basement, but now I have my room down there, …
431 days ago
My basement , Sturgeon County, Canada
I had my first sighting the other day in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada A green ball in the sky got my attention at night as I was driving my friend’s car (being the D.D. because I don’t want him to hurt himself). as we are driving down a back country road on our way home I see a green ball of light a…
148 days ago
St. Albert , St. Albert, Canada
Hey I captured this yesterday driving back from Burlington, Ontario to Hamilton, Ontario. Source and special thanks: UFOs NorthWest   Note from The Black Vault: I am always very cautious with photos like this.  A bright light source, especially the sun, tends to cause lens flare.  I believe stron…
205 days ago
Between Burlington, Ontario to Hamilton, Ontario, Burlington, Canada
KNOWN HOAX   Did A UFO Visit Vancouver Canadians Baseball Game? Fans hoping to watch their favorite Canadian minor league baseball team got a little extra bang for their buck this week when what some witnesses described as a UFO flew through the sky behind the right field fence. The sighting occ…
232 days ago
Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver, Canada
I scanned the skies for almost 2 weeks with no sighting then this. Tonight I skywatched for more than 3 hours and nothing , fell asleep on the couch then was awakened by the TV but it was on mute? half dazed I hit the volume and the TV went on, so I turned off the TV fell asleep and again voices and…
226 days ago
Night Sky, Vancouver, Canada
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