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Originally published on Dec 7, 2013, by ZeroPointUFO The videographer states that: Multiple squads of UFOs over Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia, December 7, 2013 at 11:32 AM. A squad of 4 UFOs fly north and rendezvous with a separate squad heading east. (UFO Casebook Editor's Note: At first, I …
269 days ago
South-East of Australia, Taylors Hill, Australia
I recorded the ISS approx 20 minutes earlier as proof - (Will keep raw footage with 'time' start.) Note the 'corona' as opposed to the ISS?   First camera is a Samsung SDC-435 - Second camera is a P8079HP 3 stage generation 1 night vision tube with a 50mm slr lens.   I watched this 'thing' vi…
364 days ago
Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
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