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By Carly Rees, Sunshine Coast Daily A COMMERCIAL pilot with more than 30 years' experience has been left scratching his head over mysterious lights he saw over Caloundra on Good Friday. The pilot, who does not want to be identified, said he had never seen anything through the cockpit window that c…
131 days ago
While in flight, Caloundra , Australia
I will fill you in on a part of my life that everyone laughs at me about till this day, I was living down at Bracken Ridge when this happen to me, I know what happen, because i was awake no different than i am now, it has never happen to me again and i would never wish it to happen to me or anyone. …
374 days ago
In my bedroom, Bracken Ridge, Australia
From Lightpix
This case happened about 11 months ago, it's something i will never forget or see again in my lifetime. I work in brisbane during the week but live up the coast, which means i, like a lots of other folks that live up here have a very early morning start to our day and a atleast a 2hr drive to get to…
739 days ago
North of Glasshouse Mountains Qld, Glasshouse, Australia
From Lightpix
This incident occurred about two years ago in December 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. On a clear night I was standing on my window gazing stars which seemed amazingly bright that night. After standing there for about 10 minutes I noticed an extra bright yellowish light hanging in south-west sky.   …
1339 days ago
Wishart, Brisbane, Australia
From prashkd85
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