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The Black Vault Case File Database is a compilation of cases from around the world -- on a wide array of events.  Including UFO Sightings, paranormal experiences, ghost encounters, and much more!  This case file database was setup to have a very complex, yet easy to use, system of cases for research, reference and investigation.  The Black Vault has become well known for the UFO documentation that I have received directly from the government, so I wanted to offer a place for users to upload case files as well of their own experiences.  That idea has morphed into a huge database of cases from around the globe.

I run The Black Vault to offer a place for people to LEARN.  Whether that be to see an unknown case file, or to see something that is a known hoax, you are sure to have a lot of information at your disposal here for your research.

I've openned this section up where ANYONE can submit a sighting or case file. Whether you yourself experienced the event, or you are just someone who has investigated it, you can upload photos, videos, documents, supporting evidence, etc., and you can put it out there for the world to see.  You can submit it online, or you can email the information to me directly (with as much detail as possible) to reportacase@theblackvault.com

(Please note: This section is entirely different than the archive of more than 850,000+ classified government documents.  You can visit the FOIA Research Center if you are looking for the government document archive by clicking on "RESEARCH CENTER" in the above menu).

Add your sighting or case file.
Recently Added Public Case Files
SOME UFO FILES OF THE GERMAN SECRET SERVICE AUGUST 26, 1986    ........     FEHMARN ISLAND,  BALTIC SEA The most interesting case of the sightings of an exotic UFO by four officials happened in 1986 on Fehmarn, Germanys third biggest island in the Baltic Sea which was a frontier island during that…
10195 days ago
FEHMARN ISLAND, Baltic Sea, Germany
From falcon51
CHRISTIAN FAMILY'S VIVIL ENCOUNTER IN NORTH CARLOLINA  SEPTEMBER 18, 1994     ......    GREENFIELD NORTH CAROLINA Myself and my wife had decided to go and glean the fields for sweet potatoes,and upon loading the car and heading back home which was about a mile from home, right in the clear…
7250 days ago
From falcon51
MYSTERIOUS LIGHTS OVER NEW JERSEY INVESTIGATED 7-5-14  9 PM ..............EATONTOWN NEW JERSEY My fiancé and I were sitting on the railroad tracks behind his apartment complex, talking and enjoying the night sky and fireflies. After some time I noticed an extremely bright, orange-red light in the …
15 days ago
From falcon51
ANIMAL ABDUCTIONS IN WALES MYSTIFIES POLICE A number of unidentified flying objects have been spotted in mid Wales on the last four years.  When it comes to latest flying saucer “sightings” reported to Welsh police, it seems ewe couldn’t make it up.  Because an alert about alien SHEEP abduction was…
16 days ago
From falcon51
ANCIENT PYRAMID DISCOVERED ON AN ASTEROID JUNE 29, 2014     SPACE In a strange sighting, a rock in space appeared to have a black pyramid on it. The pyramid on asteroid 1999 RQ36 was identified by scientists at the ISRO labs. The alien object was discovered in our solar system on 29 June.  A one-m…
17 days ago
From falcon51
PHOTOS OF AN ALIEN DISC OVER THE COLLAHUASI COPPER MINDS OF CHILE   APRIL 2013   ......    ANDEAN PLATEAU CHILE   The government office investigating UFOs in Chile has released an analysis of two high quality photos showing what appear be genuine unidentified flying objects above a remote copper…
480 days ago
From falcon51
CLOSE ENCOUNTER OVER LONG BEACH ISLAND NEW JERSEY JUNE 2014      .....     SURF CITY, LONG BEACH ISLAND  NEW JERSEY My husband and I have seen craft over the years in the Long Beach Island section of Ocean County. Some have been videotaped by others and featured on the news. But this most recent s…
54 days ago
From falcon51
SCARY CLOSE ENCOUNTER IN THE FLORIDA KEYS SEPTEMBER 28, 2008 - PERDIDO KEY, FLORIDA It was their wedding day, September 28, 2008. Jim and Linda had just gotten married. They were staying at the same condo in Perdido Key, FL, where they vacation every year. Perdido Key is a barrier island about 16 …
2126 days ago
From falcon51
VERY CLOSE SAUCER ENCOUNTER IN BALTIMORE VIRGINIA JUNE 2, 2014          .....      NEW BALTIMORE VIRGINIA Shape: Disk - Duration: 00:01 - I have no explanation about this disc-shaped object I saw before it disappeared.  I live in Fauquier County, Virginia. I left my house with a friend around dusk…
53 days ago
From falcon51
  I have been researching the Moon and Mars for many years.  It has already been proven that NASA covers strange areas with blurry blocks or out of focus images.  There are also numerous  X  marking on the Moon's surface.  At first I thought it was markings on the film but this is not the case.  …
26 days ago
From falcon51
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