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  •  UFOphotos: 
    Thanks for reply and I agree, it makes no sense to cruise around over foreign countries and use them as "playground" with so many vehicles.
     771 days ago 
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  •  Eldensword: 
    Thanks for sharing this, UFOPhotos! That sounds pretty amazing. Are you sure it wasn't swamp gas?? Weather balloons...Flying Purple Monkeys? What's interesting to me is that the dismisal of these photos and this event by the general public as being "Ours" o "Just the military flying military vehicles" holds no ground when being seen over countries not known for their warfare devices. No matter how you slice, if the US has craft of seemingly extra-terrestrial technology, it wouldn't be flown over foreign countries all "willy-nilly" and druing the day. Stuff can crash, period. They wouldn't risk it.
     787 days ago 
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