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    After carefully reading the article, I have determined that it IS, beyond the shadow of a doubt...A "UFO"! Can the media Pullease stop using the letters, "UFO" to be interchangeable with what they are TRYING to say as, "Alien Space Craft, piloted by extra terrestrials from another world"??????????!!! - People, until identified, everything in the air constitutes as being a "UFO". Spread the word. If you mean “Alien Space Craft”, say, Alien Space Craft. “Look thar Mildred! I thinkum ets a UFO!” – Dear, hill billy – If you can’t indentify it, you are then in fact correct, it would be a UFO. If you’re trying to say Alien Space Craft, say that instead so that the rest of the educated world can try to make sense of your garbled, 4th grade attempt at communicating and move the information into a progressive bit of data. Thank you.
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