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  •  Dragonstarsurfer: 
    I don't know what's going on but there's helicopters flying around for the past 3 hours AROUND MY HOME in Rome NY 13440 it appears to be that they are searching for something there are state police choppers and military choppers I counted 4 of them so far, the 2 police choppers have search lights on, and the military ones are flying with one blue light on the bottom of their helos but with no other running lights, I live next to griffiss technology park which used to be Griffiss AFB and not to far from homeland security training facility in oriskany/westmoreland NY. all I could think it could be is maybe sometype of training mission or are they really searching for somebody or something?! I am checking all the local news and radar in the area to see if there is something going on or happening I will keep posting to let everyone know whats going on, this never happens around here?!!
     770 days ago 
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