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  •  bunnyfriend: 
    If these are real, and all indications support that, Chile has a long history of multiple sightings like this. Following WWII, there is ample evidence that the Third Reich's development of anti-gravity craft found its way to SA and, specifically, Antarctica in an escape plan long anticipated by Nazi elite. The Germans claimed a portion of Antarctica during that time after finding items of great interest to them during explorations. Research by European, British and American individuals has piled up a wealth of supportive data that lends itself to the prospect that the Nazis created a 'breakaway civilization' under the cover of the ice fields of that vast continent. Recently, a young, German speaking man appeared in Germany with a 400 page document, yet untranslated into English, claiming that he grew up in such confines.
     498 days ago 
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  •  shornlion: 
    At the beginning the configuration of the lights was reminiscent of Dr. Lynn Kitei's footage of the Phoenix Lights. Midway through the footage a triangular shape was visible. The camera operator did a decent job of keeping the view steady and panning other objects to give perspective.
     519 days ago 
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