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    This is a little unusual as it is the first ship of the Mantis beings that I have observed by remote viewing.  There are two Mantis in the craft. They are very insect looking beings.  This race of ET is older than all the others, and the other ET do not know where they came from, but now they inhabit the Epsilon Eridani system.  The Galactic Federation Headquarters is also in that system. They also have a base on one of the outer moons of Jupiter in our solar system. This craft launched from that base. They have very fast space craft. I have a Mantis being channel who gives me his name as Bexlev. He tells me the Mantis were there to influence the up coming US presidential election with their very powerful telepathy.  The Mantis also influenced the witnesses so they disregarded the sighting at the time and did not report it.   


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