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  •  PEPSTUR: 

    Thanks to the developent of Google Earth, I have found several places in the ocean where it looks like buildings and even roads.  Some of them are so organized it looks like a computer chip.  

    I have also found places where it is obvious this deep water was once above water because you can see the rivers that were created running from the mountains.  

    The world has changed many times.  And will always continue to change.  The"End of the World" happens all the time.  It's just localized to major disasters where no one gets out alive.  

    Funny phrase.  On this planet we all play the same game.  "NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE."

    - Peppi Turco

    aka The Pepstur

     261 days ago 
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  •  OddDuck: 
    Very cool, I just want to know what the heck the Russians were thinking trying to net something almost 3 meters in height. In water we are not at home and when you mess with something that big it could have dragged them to the depths of the ocean. I believe that there is life out in the ocean that we have yet to discover, but I do not think that this is very humanoid. Its creepy though that's for dang sure. If you're looking at this creature it looks as though it only can see down or in the area of where the eyes are. Was this picture taken from underneath it? I want to believe, but Russians are crazy.
     371 days ago 
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  •  Lightpix: 
     376 days ago 
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  •  enderbish77: 
    Very interesting...could it be plausible that peoples or even a unknown civilization exist in the depths of our oceans? That would be incredible. Their are stilll alot of "unknowns" about our planets oceans that need to be further examined.
     390 days ago 
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  •  En-Lugal: 
    Creepy photo.
     409 days ago 
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