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  •  Eldensword: 
    I appreciate the feedback. I just saw these flashes again on Tuesday night, around 9:15 pm PST - March 12th, 2013. I looked straight up and as usual, a glimmer caught my eye, it then flashed like a camera flash, very tiny in a sea of dark sky, flashes twice quickly, no pattern, again more dimly and fades to become an extremely difficult to see, very tiny still, dim amber light that slowly glides away until too distant to be visible at all.
     531 days ago 
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  •  rayalexwebsite: 
    I added an article about my own experience about these strange flashes! :)
     653 days ago 
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  •  spookybrown1982: 
    Hi just read this article i too seen this flashes , but unfortuntly turned out to be meteors orinoids as they break sound barrier saw flash and bangs was weird until my stargazing freind showed me a video from iss upload on u tube of the meteors flashing in upper atmospere ????? Just a theory tho on your post
     655 days ago 
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