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    When I target this UFO report with remote viewing, I see a flight of five disc shaped craft which are what Dahl saw. They are above Dahl's position.  Looking inside the craft I see that the crew are Zetas (EBENS) from the Zeta Reticuli system.  The craft do not drop anything. (Some writers speculate that Dahl's employer Fred Crisman embellished the sighting in an attempt to sell the story to publisher Ray Palmer.  Kenneth Arnold investigated this case for Palmer.)   I move ahead to 24 June, I see these same craft again, but here I am at the Arnold sighting itself. (However, Arnold reported seeing nine craft.) So Arnold saw the same craft and others reported seeing them.  I move foreward again and see one of these craft has come to earth in New Mexico. It is the Roswell UFO crash. This really is curious.

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