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  •  Taeko: 

    These objects are ET space craft.  They look like the traditional flying saucer type. They are very large and the crew are Nordics.  They launched from Mars and will return there.  They are near earth to resupply the Nordic underground base in Antarctica.  I see them traveling out to the asteroid belt and resupplying bases there before returning to Mars. 

     223 days ago 
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  •  Eldensword: 

    "Shooting-stars" - The same basic effect may occur with a sizable object traveling through open space at extremely high speeds. If these are deep field recordings and pics, then we're talking about very, very large scale objects that are seen moving. Since space is not a vacuum, but filled with gas and dust, anything moving through it at high speed would excite the particles around it and cause them to super-heat and give off energy (photons etc.) - Right angle turns should start sinking in to new eyes and ears on the subject - Not likely a comet and obviously if there was a remote chance of THAT being the answer the JPL guys would have been all over it already. In conclusion, what is being witnessed here are Obama's massive, highly rapid moving Death Stars that he has created with our trillions of dollars over the last 5 years. Man they built those quick! But hey, if you're going to be the next hitler, ya gotta act fast!

     325 days ago 
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