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  •  Rickstina: 

    I did not see any faces at first glance and even when I expanded there was not a clear enough image to say they were faces.  After a loss I know I used to look and see if there were faces watching over me.  If I tried real hard, I was able to make just about anything into a face.  Hopefully one day you will be able to review some other pictures for further clarification.  We all do not see the same things, keep that in mind.  There may be something there that is only wanting you to see them at this time.  I am very sorry for your loss and wish you the best!

     117 days ago 
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  •  Eldensword: 

    Human "faces" are the single most widely "seen" image in all of our random, visual "experiences". Add in the fact that if you want to see something bad enough...

     235 days ago 
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